Cow Wine Breather

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Artist: Jane Maddison

China Range

Cow Wine Breather

NOTE: This item is hand painted and may differ from the one illustrated. Wine Breathers are a registered design. Jane Maddison’s wonderful little creatures allow your wine to breathe, but they keep the annoying little fruit flies out of the bottle. At the same time, you can enjoy the little beast adorning your bottle. All of them are decorated by illustrator Kevin Maddison and with his quirky line and brush work, each animal becomes an individual piece of art. Each one is a collectable item.  After graduating from Croyden College of Art in 1969, Jane ran a small business in London producing handmade tiles and silk screen blinds. She later moved to Lincolnshire where she set up her Ceramics Studio producing both sculptural and domestic ware using a variety of techniques and various methods of firing including raku and salt glaze.